23Oct 2021

Crypto & ESG Report

by David Angliss

Over the course of 2021, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) in crypto has been a strong topic of conversation, particularly in the wake of bitcoin’s strong price movement and increase in global adoption. At Apollo Capital we pay strong attention to ESG within crypto and would like to address concerns over the possible negative externalities associated with ESG and crypto assets.

In this Research Report, we wish to put crypto’s Environmental narrative in a more balanced perspective. We also aim to highlight crypto and blockchain technology’s contribution towards Social and Governance factors. We showcase real-life examples of how crypto helps meet numerous UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), such as Innovation, Reducing Inequality, Gender Equality, Sustainable Community, Justice & Strong Institutions. Furthermore, we want to highlight the positive implications of crypto in the social and governance aspects of ESG – which actively work towards meeting the UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs).

We hope you enjoy this Research Report. Please feel free to share it with others you think might be interested, and we look forward to bringing you more Research Reports in future.

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David Angliss

David is an analyst at Apollo Crypto with five years of crypto-asset investing experience. He contributes to the investment team by researching crypto-assets across the innovative contract platform, DeFi assets and NFT and Metaverse infrastructure categories. David also assists with the day-to-day activities of market-neutral strategies by analysing yields, evaluating smart audits, and facilitating crypto-asset transactions.