8May 2023

Swell Network Update

by David Angliss

We are thrilled to share some exciting news regarding one of our portfolio projects, Swell Network. Swell Network is an Ethereum Liquid Staking Protocol that allows users to stake their ETH without the 32 ETH capital requirement when running full validator nodes. Through the method of ‘Staking, ’ users can earn yield in the form of ETH for assisting in validating the network.

As Ethereum is now a Proof of Stake, the protocols that facilitate the staking of ETH and validating the blockchain are vital to Ethereum. We see significant innovation in the ‘Liquid Staking’ sector on Ethereum, with the number of ETH staked vs circulating supply across these protocols at 15% and rising. 

We recently spoke with a member of the Swell Network team, who indicated that they anticipate their APY (annual percentage yield) to surpass that of their competitors once the Swell Network protocol reaches a stable state and releases the staking vaults. Although the APY is currently low due to the bootstrapping phase, Swell Network has already submitted over 200 validators in the last two weeks and has more than 1,700 users already staking ETH with Swell. 

Swell Network offers distinct advantages to the other competitors in the market. These include zero fees, no minimum stake requirement, a reward-bearing token and non-custodial security.

Swell Network has officially launched its first iteration of liquid staking on the mainnet, with the ‘Seawolf Public Beta’ going live at the end of April. As advisors and early-stage investors, we have had the opportunity to work closely with the Swell team and have witnessed their unwavering dedication to building a secure and dependable platform for staking. Swell Network has made several other advancements since the mainnet rollout, such as its Integration With Transak, which has enabled Swell to become one of the few liquid staking providers to offer a crypto-to-fiat payment gateway. Furthermore, the launch of the Voyager program designed to reward early stakers on Swell Network is garnering traction, with stakers increasing daily.

If you are interested in learning more about Swell Network and its unique features, we cordially invite you to read the Swell Network Medium Page for all the updates and information.

David Angliss

David is an analyst at Apollo Crypto with five years of crypto-asset investing experience. He contributes to the investment team by researching crypto-assets across the innovative contract platform, DeFi assets and NFT and Metaverse infrastructure categories. David also assists with the day-to-day activities of market-neutral strategies by analysing yields, evaluating smart audits, and facilitating crypto-asset transactions.