8Oct 2021

Marc Woodward

by Henrik Andersson

Marc has 25 years of experience as a software entrepreneur and technology venture capitalist, and has directed successful investments for top-tier funds in Silicon Valley and Australia including Battery Ventures, Macquarie Funds, and Roc Partners. Marc has been an active angel and portfolio investor in the crypto asset space since 2017. Marc holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from Georgetown University.

Henrik Andersson

Henrik is the Chief Investment Officer at Apollo Crypto and is the fund manager for the Apollo Crypto Fund. He also acts as the fund advisor for the offshore Apollo Crypto investments funds, the Apollo Crypto Frontier Fund and the Apollo Crypto Market Neutral Fund. Henrik's expertise in traditional financial markets comes from spending a decade on Wall Street as a vice president in institutional equity sales. His exceptional understanding of DeFi comes from co-founding two successful DeFi protocols, mStable and dHEDGE.